20thJanuary 2022

Birds and bees: why new buildings need to support the natural world

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This article in The Conversation (19 January 2022) explores how buildings can be adapted to provide homes for species such as swifts, and bees.  Councils can do more to encourage developers to build sustainably and in nature-friendly ways (and this could include school buildings). NatureScot’s campaign also shows how you [...]

19thJanuary 2022

Education as if people and planet matter – the wasp lesson

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Read this thought provoking and winning essay written by a secondary school teacher from Leeds, in Resurgence & Ecologist online. The Wasp Lesson addresses how and what we teach, and the value of establishing a connection with nature in children and young people. This was shared by the Forest School [...]

12thJanuary 2022

Do your children get 2 hours outdoors play each day?

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Finding Nature News have shared this comment piece in the Metro (2 January 2022):  Children need two hours of outdoor play a day, even in winter, says parenting expert. The author includes practical recommendations for ways to get kids off screens and outside. Shared with permission of the Children & [...]

22ndDecember 2021

Give all kids a nature-filled future – a call from Richard Louv

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In the last Children & Nature Network issue of the year, co-founder and renowned author Richard Louv reports on a growing mental health crisis in America, brought on by the pandemic and the impacts of global climate change. This includes the rise of eco-anxiety among young people. He also highlights the [...]