22ndSeptember 2022

Why we might be getting outdoor education (very) wrong

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School Outdoor Learning have shared this TES article about outdoor education. In particular, this quote stood out, "No research proves that forest school is any more beneficial than any other type of outdoor learning." The point being that all time spent learning outdoors is good for children and teachers. Forest [...]

11thAugust 2022

Outdoor Learning ethos won over Ofsted

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School Outdoor Learning have shared this article on how Outdoor Learning Ethos Won Over Ofsted. They describe how a former head credits outdoor learning with turning his struggling school around. They saw improved academic attainment, pupils enjoying their learning and happier staff when they adopted an outdoor learning ethos. For [...]

12thJuly 2022

My Forest School Journey

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The Forest School Association shares this blog post (7 July 2022) by a Forest School practitioner. She provides insights on the benefits of Forest School from her perspective as a neurodivergent person.

12thJuly 2022

W.I.L.D. celebrates Forest School Association approval success!

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In this blog post (3 July 2022), W.I.L.D. celebrates becoming only the 5th Forest School Association recognised provider in Scotland! W.I.L.D. runs Forest School, and outdoor sessions for children and adults of all ages in urban city woodland (Linn Park, in Glasgow). Find out more on the principles of Forest [...]