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1stJune 2023

Green careers in agriculture

The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) share information on the types of green careers available in the food and farming sector. This RHET page includes more information about green careers, and further links.

1stJune 2023

The Circular Economy – a lesson

This one hour lesson by the Economist gives a useful introduction to the idea of circular economies and why they’re important for sustainability. This is a secondary level resource. You need to create an account or log in to access this resources. A ‘circular economy’ is one in which products continue [...]

30thMay 2023

Get set for International Mud Day on 29th June with Muddy Faces!

Muddy Faces point out that the health, well-being and developmental benefits mud play offers are well documented - as well as good old slippery gloopy fun. Checkout the evidence on their Mud Research & Reports page. Visit the Mud pages on their Outdoor Hub for free downloads, activity ideas, case [...]

30thMay 2023

Connecting children of all abilities to nature

This feature story from the Children & Nature Network contains exclusive excerpts from “Naturally Inclusive,” a new book about connecting young children with diverse needs to the natural world. These excerpts are framed by inspiring stories and practical tips from parents, practitioners and educators who have first hand experience with the [...]

30thMay 2023

The secret world of moss

This article in The Conversation (26 May 2023), explores this ancient ancestor of all plants and its vital role in the health of our planet. Discover how mosses are drivers of critical ecosystem services, and have amazing adaptations and an ancient history. Plus, see what a ‘Moss-Piglet’ looks like!