18thJuly 2023

Children have a skewed view of the natural world – but it doesn’t have to be that way

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This article in the Conversation (13 July 2023) reports the survey results of a large group of children. They were asked to draw a picture of their local park or garden, and to label all the animals they thought lived there. Their drawings reflected a bias towards larger more charismatic [...]

13thJune 2023

How the natural environment can support children and young people

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This Natural England report (October 2022) focuses on how the natural environment can support children and young people. It summarises evidence of the links between the natural environment and a range of outcomes based on rapid reviews. The report is aimed at: policy makers; practitioners; practice enablers (including Natural England); [...]

18thMay 2023

The Children’s People and Nature Survey for England: 2022 update; plus NatureScot outdoor learning research

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This UK Government webpage provides valuable summary statistics as headline findings on the ‘Children’s People and Nature Survey’ carried out by English Nature. It provides information on how children and young people in England experience and think about the natural environment. Any changes in trends between 2021 and 2022 are [...]

20thApril 2023

Children’s perspectives on quality in local natural outdoor spaces

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This Natural England report (December 2022) describes research to co-create a quantitative measure for children and young people. It presents an overview of evidence to better understand how children and young people aged 8–15 years old judge the quality of their local natural environments and rate the quality of outdoor [...]

26thOctober 2022

Why is Learning for Sustainability important for children?

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Take a look at this lovely interactive ThingLink visual and poem ‘flying among the trees’. It captures creative and powerful thoughts from the Children’s Parliament exploration of Learning for Sustainability with children and young people. One of the themed global icons helps us to ‘explore outdoor learning’ from perspective of [...]

26thOctober 2022

Children’s Parliament Investigates: Learning for Sustainability

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Check out this project report and creative outputs. These share the fantastic work that the Children’s Parliament has been conducting on behalf of Scottish Government to gather views from children, young people and their educators on Learning for Sustainability. There is a children’s report and adult practitioners report.

14thSeptember 2022

Cities with more vegetation mean ‘better health behaviours’ in children

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This Child in the City article (published 30-08-2022) shares the findings of a conclusion of a new partnership study led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal). This latest study found that children who live surrounded by more natural spaces are more physically active, spend less time doing sedentary [...]