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13thOctober 2021

The impact of outdoor education on the lives of pupils with complex needs

This EIS Action Research Grant project explored the responses of pupils with special educational needs to the outdoor environment. A range of outdoor learning activities were provided for children and young people with complex needs. There was an immediate and noticeable increase in pupil enjoyment and positive behaviour. The discussion [...]

13thOctober 2021

Creating positive outdoor experiences on parental attitudes outdoors

This EIS Action Research Grant project focused on exploring parental ideas on accessing local outdoor space, in a class of Primary 3 pupils.  Barriers that parents/ carers identify when it comes to accessing the local outdoors were explored. The report explores whether the pupils’ positive outdoor experiences have the potential [...]

13thOctober 2021

Personifying trees through Twitter – the Witness Trees

Read this article in The Conversation (11 October 2021) To save forests, researchers are hooking trees up to Twitter’.  It describes the Witness Tree project.  This research helps us understand how trees are affected by environmental change, through individual tree stories.

13thOctober 2021

Climate crisis: what can trees really do for us?

This article in the Conversation (12 October 2021) describes research which exposed trees to enriched CO2 air to replicate possible future conditions under climate change. It discusses the findings, the role of forests in carbon accounting, and the pros and cons of reforestation campaigns.

5thOctober 2021

Wild and Well Repository

Check out this very useful online hub created by The John Muir Trust. Find articles, research, books, films and more exploring the link between wild places and wellbeing.