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10thJuly 2024

Who gets to play – and where?

One in three children in Britain don't have a playground near their home - that is the headline message from this year's update of the Fields in Trust 'Green Space Index'. JONO Design worked with Fields in Trust to design two infographics for their website and social media platforms, illustrating [...]

10thJuly 2024

Forest School Research Symposium Podcast

The University of Liverpool and the Forest School Association ran the world’s first International Forest School Research Symposium in Liverpool last week. Forest School Podcast are set to offer a special Forest School Research Symposium Podcast

10thJuly 2024

The soundscape of seagrass meadows

“Fish make low-pitched grunting, burping or purring noises. Crabs make higher-pitched metallic sort of scraping sounds.” Marine ecologist Isabel Key explains what she’s finding as she listens to the sounds of underwater seagrass meadows. Listen on The Conversation Weekly podcast.

10thJuly 2024

Parent Carer Survey: Learning for Sustainability Findings Report January 2024

This survey ran from 25 September to 13 November 2023, with 432 responses from 26 local authorities across Scotland. Key findings: Prioritising Sustainability: Almost 90% of respondents expressed that the environment and sustainability are important or very important to them. Awareness at School: Two-thirds (65%) of parents and carers are [...]

4thJuly 2024

July 2024 news round-up from Learning for Sustainability Scotland out now!

Check out the policy, training, research and funding news in the latest LfSS July 2024 bulletin. This includes 'Nature's Classroom: tackling the climate and nature crises through Scotland's schools' where Professor Pete Higgins from The University of Edinburgh and Learning for Sustainability Scotland shares his thoughts on Learning for Sustainability [...]

4thJuly 2024

New maps show how the climate is changing in each UK constituency

This article in The Conversation (1 July, 2024) shares  a series of maps that show both how the climate has changed over the past two generations in each constituency, and how it will change over the next decade. These maps consider changes in rainfall and hottest days across several parameters and [...]