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19thJanuary 2022

The role of urban greenspace in children’s reward and punishment sensitivity

The findings of this UK study by Eirini Flouri et al, contribute to our understanding of the ‘net’ role of greenspace in children’s decision-making, which is itself related to many important life outcomes. The authors suggest that ‘urban planners should note that access to nature may not only benefit people’s [...]

5thJanuary 2022

Children being active outdoors through winter and the Covid-19 pandemic

This Early Intervention Foundation report published 26 November 2021 provides an evidence review of the impact of pandemic life on physical development in the early years. This blog by Jan White posted on Early Childhood Outdoors (17 December 2021) stresses the importance of being outdoors in early years settings, for [...]

22ndDecember 2021

Give all kids a nature-filled future – a call from Richard Louv

In the last Children & Nature Network issue of the year, co-founder and renowned author Richard Louv reports on a growing mental health crisis in America, brought on by the pandemic and the impacts of global climate change. This includes the rise of eco-anxiety among young people. He also highlights the [...]

21stDecember 2021

People feel lonelier in crowded cities – but green spaces can help

This article in The Conversation (20 December 2021) explores the health impacts of loneliness and why it is on the rise. It shares survey data and the role of place in whether or not a person feels lonely. People were 28% less likely to feel lonely in urban settings with [...]