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4thAugust 2021

The rise in short-sightedness in children – the role of outdoors

This article in The Conversation explores research around factors responsible for myopia. This includes how children who spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop myopia, and studies requiring children to spend extra time outdoors during school hours found the rate of myopia onset decreased compared with children who didn’t spend additional time [...]

4thAugust 2021

The benefits of intergenerational learning

This article in Elm Magazine by Anna Pöysä (16 March 2021) reflects on the advantages of intergenerational learning, and the work on this subject by Greg Mannion, University of Stirling. This includes opportunities to reshape city spaces, and considerations of climate change and sustainability.

4thAugust 2021

The benefits of nature during Covid – international findings

Science Direct shares this Environmental International paper (Vol 154, September 2021) Exposure to nature and mental health outcomes during COVID-19 lockdown. A comparison between Portugal and Spain. This found that exposure to nature was associated with better mental health outcomes during lockdowns, but the natural features associated with improved mental [...]

4thAugust 2021

Natural pollution barrier for schools

Child in the City (25 May 2021) report how tall hedges and trees planted at a Manchester primary school located on one of Europe’s busiest roads are the latest weapon against dangerous traffic fumes.