16thApril 2024

The impact of counting butterflies on nature connectedness and wellbeing in citizen scientists

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This Biological Conservation (Volume 292, April 2024, 110497) article highlights: Citizen science research rarely considers nature connectedness, an important driver of pro-conservation behaviours. A quasi-experimental design explored the impact of citizen science participation on nature connection and wellbeing. Big Butterfly Count participation increased nature connectedness and nature and butterfly noticing, and [...]

3rdApril 2024

Charity’s nature-based scheme helping local youngsters back into education

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This article from the Greenock Telegraph (1 April 2024) describes how Barnardo’s Scotland has been running its ‘B-Wild’ project in eight localities, including Inverclyde, since 2020. The initiative allows young people to get out and about in nature and explore what the world has to offer. More than 800 children and [...]

13thMarch 2024

Policy for a New Relationship with Nature

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This post on Finding Nature (7 March 2024), shares information about new policy briefing which introduces the concept of nature connectedness as a catalyst for change. It shows how fostering a deeper relationship with nature that goes beyond simply spending time outdoors. The briefing then offers ideas that can help [...]

27thFebruary 2024

Invitation to a Study: Hearing wildlife

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University of Derby researchers are interested in exploring the impact of listening to brief recordings about different wildlife species on people’s knowledge and attitudes towards them. This is a voluntary role, although participants can enter a prize draw. Taking part in this study will contribute to knowledge about people’s relationships [...]