21stSeptember 2023

Young, green, and well: a research study on young Londoners’ green space use and mental wellbeing

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The Knowledge Exchange has shared this research report which presents the findings of research that sought to explore how young Londoners (16–25) perceive, access, and use green spaces for their mental health and wellbeing. It presents the findings of a literature review and the London context. The findings of the [...]

21stSeptember 2023

Where does your city rank for green space in 2023?

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The Outdoor Recreation Network has shared the latest data from Ordnance Survey (OS) showing the percentage of Britain’s cities devoted to green spaces to encourage residents to go out and enjoy them. OS revealed a 2023 ranking list for every community granted city status in England, Scotland and Wales, showing [...]

14thSeptember 2023

New skills and career pathways for greenspace

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New skills and career pathways for greenspace have been shared by Greenspace Scotland. This initiative by Borders College and SRUC will make skills, learning and career pathways easier to find and follow on topics relevant to a wide range of greenspace and workforce needs. This offers pathways for those in [...]

14thSeptember 2023

Lots of outdoor activity for Stronger Starts

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Greenspace Scotland have reported on the Stronger Starts grant programme. Scotland needs lots of new applications! Stronger Starts is a new £5m grant programme to boost school funds. The main focus is on schools, including nursery, primary and secondary, however all groups connected to schools and other groups supporting children [...]

12thSeptember 2023

Beyond Access: Uniting Human and Nature’s Wellbeing

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This blog post (12 September 2023) by Prof. Miles Richardson in Finding Nature, explores the links between nature visits, connection, local access and pro-environmental behaviours. Findings suggest that noticing and a close connection with nature are more strongly associated with different aspects of wellbeing, but also pro-nature and environmental behaviours.

12thSeptember 2023

TCV upcoming events – learn how to manage your outdoor space

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Check out the list of events offered by The Conservation Volunteers. Some of these skills will eb applicable to those who use outdoor spaces for learning. For example – ‘Applied Woodland Management for the Outdoor Classroom’ Saturday, 28 October. Note that some of these events offer costed places, others are [...]