19thJanuary 2022

The role of urban greenspace in children’s reward and punishment sensitivity

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The findings of this UK study by Eirini Flouri et al, contribute to our understanding of the ‘net’ role of greenspace in children’s decision-making, which is itself related to many important life outcomes. The authors suggest that ‘urban planners should note that access to nature may not only benefit people’s [...]

12thJanuary 2022

A Highland haven

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The John Muir Trust’s latest Wild Inside (Issue 47) newsletter shares Mark Piasecki's Haven. This short but powerful film highlights how the Scottish Highlands helped his mental health journey. Check out the John Muir Trust’s Wild and Well campaign which celebrates the invaluable connection between wild places and people's health.

7thDecember 2021

Low childhood nature exposure is associated with worse mental health in adulthood

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This research study, by Miriam Preuβ et al (2019), in four European cities, showed that adults with low levels of childhood exposure to natural outdoor environments had significantly worse mental health when compared to adults with high levels of childhood exposure to natural outdoor environments.

1stDecember 2021

How well designed urban areas can support child development

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Child in the City (22 November 2021) shares findings from a new study from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal). This has provided further scientific evidence of the health benefits of well-designed urban planning. It suggests the built environment, green space and air pollution can affect cognitive and motor [...]

18thNovember 2021

The benefits of more trees, parks and waterways in cities

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Child in the City share research findings in this article (15 November 2021) The research confirms that access to urban parks and other green space contributes to lower premature mortality and longer life expectancy. It includes findings on the benefits of greener schools with natural play areas and early childhood exposure [...]