10thJuly 2024

Who gets to play – and where?

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One in three children in Britain don't have a playground near their home - that is the headline message from this year's update of the Fields in Trust 'Green Space Index'. JONO Design worked with Fields in Trust to design two infographics for their website and social media platforms, illustrating [...]

4thJuly 2024

Equity mapping: young children & nature

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Cities Connecting Children to Nature (CCCN) and other US partners describe nature equity maps which are used to depict how natural green space appears in a city relative to key demographic, economic, and social vulnerability data. CCCN cities use these maps to prioritize park and natural spaces programming, renovation and [...]

14thMay 2024

Contribute to research on access to blue space

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A Hydro Nation PhD student at the University of Dundee, is undertaking research to better understand how communities and people across Scotland access blue space. As part of this research, he has just launched a national survey below. Calling all Scottish residents (18+) to help us understand access to blue [...]

1stMay 2024

Use of greenspaces by diverse communities

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The Ecosystems Knowledge Network has shared a study by the University of Bedfordshire and the Chilterns National Landscape to explore how diverse urban communities engage with nature. They found that only one in three participants visited green spaces weekly. Older individuals, people from minority ethnic backgrounds and those facing deprivation were [...]

7thFebruary 2024

Updated On-line Scottish Outdoor Access Code Education Resource Pack

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Youthlink Scotland share information about this updated resource pack. This is full of interesting activities and designed for anyone who is keen to learn more about and encourage responsible access in the outdoors – greenspaces and the wider countryside. A link is provided to an interactive professional learning session with Education Scotland [...]

12thDecember 2023

Where do children access nature in the USA?

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Children and Nature Network report that in 2022, the three most popular destinations for outdoor outings by Americans were neighbourhood parks, playgrounds and city parks — easily accessible, “nearby nature” locations that require fewer resources and less planning to visit. Find further details in the 2022 OUTDOOR PARTICIPATION TRENDS REPORT [...]