4thAugust 2022

Developing nature based skills in young people and connecting children to nature in urban settings

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Cities Connecting Children to Nature have shared some great resources. These are designed  to support those working to connect urban children to nature and develop outdoor nature based skills in young people.  The strategic toolkit and guidance document are set in the US context, but will be of value to [...]

3rdAugust 2022

Nature based play publication now available

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Play Scotland has shared this new publication (July 2022) Nature-Based Play which is free to download. It has been produced in partnership between Arup and the Real Play Coalition. The publication explores the positive connections nature-based play can make between children’s wellbeing and climate resilience. This aims to  inspire local [...]

2ndAugust 2022

Do different amounts of nature exposure in childhood affect adult sensory processes?

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This study examined the mediating role of sensory profiles in the relationships between childhood nature exposure, and adulthood nature relatedness and creativity. Results suggest that children with lower levels of nature exposure grow up to exhibit a high tendency to miss subtle sensory stimuli. In turn, this sensory processing pattern  [...]

21stJuly 2022

10th Child in the City World Conference 5-7 October 2022 Dublin, Ireland

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How can we connect children and cities, disciplines and professionals to make better urban spaces for children from all backgrounds? What can we do to protect our children from past mistakes? How can we connect children to urban greenery to improve their health especially during lockdowns? Find out more here, with early bird registration here.

14thJuly 2022

UK children’s access to urban greenspace ranks 26 out of 39 developed nations

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Greenspace Scotland report on this UNICEF research in their July bulletin. UNICEF has highlighted the importance of having good access to urban greenspace to children’s health and development. However, the UK was ranked fairly low in the league table in UNICEF's recent Report Card in developed nations, . Research, published [...]

19thMay 2022

Can reduction in neighbourhood green space deepen the climate and mental health crises?

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This article in The Conversation (May 18, 2022) explores the findings of a recent New Economics Foundation (NEF) report.  This indicates a reduction in available greenspace for more recently built housing. The author explores the reasons and implications for our health, connection to nature and concern for the environment.