14thSeptember 2022

New to Nature placements launched

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Greenspace Scotland share the news that Groundwork UK have launched the New to Nature project. New to Nature will see young people aged 18-25 given new, full-time, temporary jobs in nature and landscape organisations across the UK (including Scotland), increasing diversity and enriching the sector.

30thAugust 2022

The barriers to new entrants interested in agroecological farming and landwork careers

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A new report has been announced (19 August 2022) on ‘The Attraction of Agroecology and the barriers faced by new entrants pursuing agroecological farming and landwork’. The recommendations include the need to build skills and knowledge by incorporating agroecological farming and food production into school curriculums and careers advice.

30thAugust 2022

OPPORTUNITY: Attend the #YouthVIP Volunteering Summit 6th October 2022

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Young Scot Hive (#YSHive) and the Youth Volunteering Legacy Group are looking for young people to attend at the #YouthVIP Summit: How can Schools Support Youth Volunteering? This event is for young people based in Scotland aged 11-25 years. No voluntary experience is necessary! The event will be a space for organisations to listen [...]

24thAugust 2022

Volunteering journeys: growing the youth volunteering generation

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This research report (Carregha, Tania et al., Institute for Community Studies, 2022) can be found here. The report: explores young people's perceptions and experiences of volunteering, and ways to increase levels of volunteering by young people. outlines the background to the study, where the 'volunteering journey' is intended to encapsulate [...]

19thAugust 2022

Teen girls get up-close look at work of female scientists

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Interested in how an outdoor experience can help young women develop their STEM careers? Check out this article GeoGirls all shook up at Mount St. Helens geology, tech camp published August 2022, in the US publication The Columbian. Also, read how Steam Beans is demystifying nature — and science — [...]

9thAugust 2022

New careers resources to inspire more students to study geography and GIS

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Esri UK have announced a new Careers with GIS website (10 June 2022). This is designed to inspire more students to study geography and GIS at GCSE, A-level and degree level, by highlighting the rewarding and exciting careers that these subjects unlock. The rich variety of jobs included demonstrates how geospatial technology [...]

4thAugust 2022

Developing nature based skills in young people and connecting children to nature in urban settings

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Cities Connecting Children to Nature have shared some great resources. These are designed  to support those working to connect urban children to nature and develop outdoor nature based skills in young people.  The strategic toolkit and guidance document are set in the US context, but will be of value to [...]