25thJanuary 2023

How spatial thinking could help children learn maths – and go on to use it in their careers

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This article in The Conversation (24 January 2023) explores the value of spatial thinking, with links to useful resources. Outdoors is of course a great context for learning and play around spatial reasoning. This will help children understand location, dimensions and properties of objects on both a small and large [...]

10thJanuary 2023

Ellie and Christina’s wild night out

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Learning for Sustainability Scotland signposted this great article in Scotland: The Big Picture.  It tells the story of how experiencing wildlife up close in the Cairngorms National Park helped steer two young conservationist, Ellie and Christina, into roles in a landscape-scale restoration project. They want the doors to such opportunities [...]

5thJanuary 2023

Future is bright for young environmentalists

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This Field Studies Council post (21 December 2022) reports on the Our Bright Future programme, co-ordinated by The Wildlife Trusts. This lottery-funded programme has concluded that confidence, mental health and employment skills were all improved in the 128,000 young people who took part. Check out the video featuring some young [...]

30thNovember 2022

Skills delivery independent review – apprentice session – and the education context

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This Skills Delivery Review complements the programme of work that is underway to reform Scotland’s education landscape which includes a national discussion on a vision for school education, the creation of three new education bodies, the independent review of qualifications and assessment and the development of a purpose and principles for post-school [...]

30thNovember 2022

Leading young people towards environmental action – GEO-6 for Youth

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Are you a young person interested in developing your skills and understanding of environmental issues? GEO-6 for Youth (UNEP) is a one-stop-shop for a young person to: understand the state of the environment what they can do every day to drive markets to adopt environmentally sustainable products and services learn [...]

30thNovember 2022

What’s stopping the widescale use of nature-based solutions in our towns and cities?

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This blog post from the Scottish Wildlife Trust explores why nature-based solutions are not being used more to help our towns and cities mitigate and adapt to climate change. A link is provided to the full repprt (November 2022). This ties in with the nature-based knowledge which need to be [...]