25thMay 2023

Woodland Learning: The sustainable management of sites for learning and play

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This series of 22 videos has been created by Learning Though Landscapes in partnership with Scottish Forestry. These short videos aim to support the responsible use and management of local spaces used for learning and play. They cover a range of topics from site selection and management to cooking outdoors [...]

12thApril 2023

Steps to a career in wildlife management

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Checkout this blogpost by Scotland’s Nature Ponies, coastlines and rugged mountains – a pathway into deer management on Rum (12 April 2023). Here, Beth Lamont describes her unconventional route into the sector and her experiences as a NatureScot Wildlife Management Practical Placement on Rum National Nature Reserve (NNR).

10thJanuary 2023

UK woodland management horizon scan

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In this blog post on Finding Nature (January 9, 2023) Professor Miles Richardson describes this ongoing horizon scan which aims to identify ‘emerging issues and opportunities affecting woodland management in the UK over the next 50 years’. As part of this exercise, Prof. Richardson welcomes comments on how the social, [...]

20thOctober 2022

The month of the stags – the red deer rut

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The evolving story of this iconic species in Scotland is a complex one. It is explored in this blog on Scotland’s Nature (20 October 2022). This also touches how our long connection with deer is reflected in the Gaelic language, and how deer impact on woodland in the landscape.

20thOctober 2022

B-lines in Scotland

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Buglife share information on “Strathmore B-Lines - People & Pollinators in Strathmore”. This is an exciting new Buglife project which aims to restore 20 hectares of grassland and nectar rich habitats, at 20 sites between Dunkeld and Montrose. This webpage includes an ‘Introduction to pollinators’ video. If you are a [...]

30thAugust 2022

The barriers to new entrants interested in agroecological farming and landwork careers

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A new report has been announced (19 August 2022) on ‘The Attraction of Agroecology and the barriers faced by new entrants pursuing agroecological farming and landwork’. The recommendations include the need to build skills and knowledge by incorporating agroecological farming and food production into school curriculums and careers advice.