7thMarch 2024

Trends and emerging ideas influencing the children and nature movement – report

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The Children & Nature Network have shared news of this report which highlights some of the most compelling challenges and opportunities facing the children and nature movement today. The report, titled “Trends and emerging ideas influencing the children and nature movement” and authored by co-founders Richard Louv and Cheryl Charles, is [...]

7thMarch 2024

Chinese study shows how school gardens cultivate children’s interest in nature and ease stress

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The Children & Nature Network share this report from China. Chinese researchers observed fourth-grade students over a semester, during which they participated in weekly activities in a campus garden. The study found that more than 60% of the students had a greater interest in nature after just four months. The [...]

23rdJanuary 2024

Garden-based learning may promote positive emotions and cooperative behaviour

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The Children and Nature Network share a 2021 study from Germany. In this study, students reported experiencing surprise and wonder 19% more frequently when engaging in biology lessons conducted in a garden compared to lessons conducted in the classroom. Check out the Children and Nature Network Stat Sheet to learn [...]

23rdJanuary 2024

Nature-based field training for educators, Minnesota.

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This Children and Nature Network feature (January 2024) shares how educators in Minnesota participate in an immersive nature-based field training. This is designed to help them transform their curricula, approaches to teaching, and ultimately, their school cultures. This is the first extended nature-based professional development series for teachers in Minnesota [...]

12thDecember 2023

Where do children access nature in the USA?

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Children and Nature Network report that in 2022, the three most popular destinations for outdoor outings by Americans were neighbourhood parks, playgrounds and city parks — easily accessible, “nearby nature” locations that require fewer resources and less planning to visit. Find further details in the 2022 OUTDOOR PARTICIPATION TRENDS REPORT [...]