6thJune 2023

The body snatchers

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Read this fascinating post in Scottish Pollinators (1 June 2023). This links stories of family feuds among the Egyptian Gods with the complex ‘arm’s race’ relationships between parasitic invertebrates and their host species. Read on to discover how parasites can manipulate their host’s behaviour to their advantage.

25thMay 2023

Maths in Ecology – a skills guide for biologists

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The British Ecological Society (BES) offer Maths skills for biologists. This is a 12 page guide developed with the Field Studies Council aimed at students and teachers of 16-19 Biology. The resource covers areas including mathematical and statistical skills, planning field investigations, specific statistical tests and data presentation. This guide can also [...]

14thJuly 2022

Botanists are disappearing – just when the world needs them most

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This article in The Conversation (13 July 2022) describes how botany is disappearing from university modules in the UK. The author describes the consequences of less teaching about plants, including ‘plant blindness’ in the wider population. The article notes that the ‘ Scottish government has highlighted the lack of a skilled workforce [...]