Play Scotland has shared this new publication (July 2022) Nature-Based Play which is free to download. It has been produced in partnership between Arup and the Real Play Coalition. The publication explores the positive connections nature-based play can make between children’s wellbeing and climate resilience.

This aims to  inspire local authorities, urban practitioners, communities, and businesses to work together to foster connections between nature and play.

The publication explores the important relationship between play, nature and climate resilience, considering the perspectives of leading urban development, early childhood, play and nature-based solutions experts. This is followed by case studies from cities around the world.

One section explores the conceptually similar but distinct constructs of ‘outdoor play’ and ‘nature-based play’ (see p14+).

When we design playful natural environments in cities, we create sustainable places that support children’s wellbeing & development, and make our cities more resilient to the impacts of climate change”.

Reference: Candiracci, Sara, Larissa Miranda Heinisch, Daša Moschonas, and Spencer Robinson, eds. Nature-based Play: Fostering connections for children’s wellbeing and climate resilience. London: Arup, 2022.

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