This British Academy report (Sloam, James; Henn, Matt; Huebner, Christine 2023) is available here. This study explores ways of getting young people involved in action to tackle environmental problems in their neighbourhoods.

The report summarises the key findings from the case studies in London and Nottingham, and presents the following recommendations:

  1. Local authorities should work closely with young people in the co-design of regular spaces and opportunities for sustained engagement with young people from diverse backgrounds – both school age and young adults – design of local environmental policies. 2
  2. Authorities should prioritise better communication of local policies and strategies to young people, to make them aware of the development environmental policies at an early stage.
  3. More environmental education should be offered in primary schools, in secondary schools and in colleges of further education, and this should include making available opportunities for civic engagement and community projects.
  4. There should be a prioritization of community engagement, and also the participation of local authority officers who have responsibility for community engagement, in the development of local authority environment teams.
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