Education Scotland is inviting practitioners across Scotland to complete our latest Annual STEM (sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics) Professional Learning Survey. This survey should take 7 mins to complete and will close on Monday 18 Dec 2023.

The information you provide will help to improve access to high-quality STEM professional learning across Scotland. This year’s survey is especially important as it will help us measure the overall impact of the STEM Strategy since it was launched in 2017. It will also inform the development of the next phase of national support for STEM, beyond the lifetime of the current strategy.

 Who should complete this survey?

Separate surveys have been developed for specific sectors. You should only complete one of the surveys below.

Practitioners in early learning and childcare, primary, additional support needs, secondary (all subject areas, including those not normally associated with STEM) are invited to complete this survey:

School-based technical support staff are invited to complete this survey.

Community learning and development practitioners are invited to complete this survey.

Did you know?

  • The findings from all previous STEM surveys are available on Education Scotland’s National Improvement Hub.
  • Survey responses have shaped decisions about the £4.5 million of STEM grant funding that has been allocated by Education Scotland since 2018 – benefitting over 80,000 practitioners in ELC, schools and CLD sectors.
  • Education Scotland has shared the anonymised survey findings widely with many STEM providers (colleges, universities, science centres, STEM organisations) to help them plan and shape their professional learning offer to meet the needs of practitioners.

Please take a few minutes to complete the STEM survey. Your response will enable a wide range of STEM organisations get their professional learning offer right for you and your setting. The survey data will also support our efforts to make Scotland a leading #STEMnation.

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