1stMay 2024

Freshwater datasets available

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Explore this data provided by Earthwatch #FreshwaterWatch citizen scientists. Zoom in on the map to find freshwater data near you, and do some real world learning! FreshWater Watchers around the world are uploading valuable data on freshwater quality, including nitrate levels, phosphate levels, turbidity, and visual factors. This data is freely [...]

4thOctober 2023

Grey or Red? Take part in the Great Scottish Squirrel Survey 2- 8 October 2023!

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Anyone in Scotland can take part in the Great Scottish Squirrel Survey. Report your sighting here. Why not survey your school grounds and local greenspaces, or look out for squirrels on your walk to and from school? This Squirrel Spotter sheet can help! Areas of known squirrel territory are equally [...]