Youthlink Scotland news (12 July 2022) share information on Holyrood Green Giant Awards 2022. The different award categories celebrate the best within Scotland’s climate change movement.

  • The Youth Champion Award focuses on the work of young people in galvanizing the climate change movement in Scotland. This award will recognise and promote young people who have made a significant contribution to Climate Justice and to the inclusion of Climate Justice in education.
  • The Technology and Innovation Award recognises an individual, team or organisation that has demonstrated outstanding work in the field of climate technology. The nominees have all utilised technology to deliver services in ways that improve sustainability and reduce emissions or develop potential solutions to the effects of the climate emergency.
  • The Scotland’s Champion Award recognises individuals who have demonstrated a significant contribution to Climate Justice in Scotland or from Scotland to the world. This includes being an exemplar of Scotland’s world-leading net-zero climate agenda or leading the way in facilitating a Just Transition for industries or communities to a zero-emissions future as the Commission’s final recommendations are published.
  • The Diversity and Inclusion Award recognises an individual, team, group or network that has shown dedication to improving diversity and inclusion in climate action. This could be through initiating and leading efforts to remove barriers and improve the working experience, engagement and representation levels of minority or marginalised groups in climate justice spaces, or by demonstrating excellence in delivering services to minority or marginalised groups in climate justice spaces.
  • The Nature and the Environment Award recognises the incredible work being done by groups or organisations to protect and enhance Scotland’s natural capital and biodiversity.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises and promotes an individual who has made a significant contribution to Climate Justice over a sustained period of time.
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