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30thAugust 2022

Two Basking Fish of the West Highland summer

In this Scotland’s Nature blog post (August 29, 2022) Roddy Maclean shares his enthusiasm for two amazing summer visitors to our waters. He explores the gaelic names of both of these gentle giants of the sea – the basking shark and the sunfish. This post is also available in Gaelic.

30thAugust 2022

Finding new ways to promote adventurous play

School Outdoor Learning has shared an interview with Tim Gill (15 August 2022) on this topic. This is available in text format and an audio link. Tim refers to play in school time and in local neighbourhoods, with a cultural shift towards over-protection.

30thAugust 2022

The barriers to new entrants interested in agroecological farming and landwork careers

A new report has been announced (19 August 2022) on ‘The Attraction of Agroecology and the barriers faced by new entrants pursuing agroecological farming and landwork’. The recommendations include the need to build skills and knowledge by incorporating agroecological farming and food production into school curriculums and careers advice.

30thAugust 2022

The minibeast, the myth and the legend – earwigs in the UK

Next time your pupils discover an earwig in your school grounds, be prepared to share some amazing earwig facts with them. Check out this great Field Studies Council article (24 August 2022). Uncover some earwig myths (they don’t crawl into your ear), some facts (they make great parents) and watch [...]

30thAugust 2022

Cairngorms National Park plan launched

Cairngorms National Park have announced their new ambitious Partnership Plan (23 August 2022) for nature, people and place. Read about it in this news article ‘Pioneering Park Plan launches, paving way for tackling climate and nature emergencies’.

23rdAugust 2022

Climate Action Week – September 2022

Timed with the Scottish Government’s Climate Week, a full week of lessons, stories and activities on climate change and climate action. Sessions for EY-P1, Upper Primary and Secondary.  Register your class now. This event is one in a series of Live Lessons offered by Eco-schools Scotland.