This University of Edinburgh report (March 2020) from a survey commissioned by the Scottish Government, examines the impact of the learning for sustainability educational approach in Scotland on broader educational outcomes. It outlines the Learning for Sustainability (LfS) approach to addressing sustainable development issues through the education system, the aims of the review and the way in which it was undertaken. Findings relate to impact on the personal development of learners; understanding of citizenship; academic attainment; skills for life and working beyond formal education; the poverty-related attainment gap and reducing inequality within education; and overall educational setting. It concludes that, whilst the Scottish approach to LfS is novel internationally, there is robust evidence of its value in improving attainment, personal development and environmental stewardship. This review did not set out to examine evidence regarding the effectiveness of LfS in developing pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours. However, it was a clear and significant finding, with studies highlighting the particular importance of fostering emotional connections to nature through time spent outdoors.

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