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1stJune 2022

Great minds think alike

Local community initiatives to help pollinators and engage people, including children, are explored in this Scottish Pollinator’s post (30 May 2022). Check out what’s happening in Dundee and Edinburgh, and how you could get involved.

24thMay 2022

How do you count gull nests – with a bag of flour of course!

This post by Forvie National Nature Reserve (15 May 2022) shares the story of how the annual census of Forvie’s Black-headed Gull colony is carried out. Check out ' 25 kilograms of flour and 6,000 eggs'.  It also shares a lot of numbers! This provides a great opportunity to introduce [...]

17thMay 2022

B-lines Scotland – is there a B-line near you?

Buglife have created over 50 pollinator hotspots along the B-lines route, and more are planned. Check out the activity going on in Scotland. Is there anything happening near you? Look at the B-lines map to see where more needs doing. This article in The Conversation (12 May 2022), explores ‘Bee [...]

17thMay 2022

Baltic Street Adventure Playground

Check out this case study of Baltic Street Adventure Playground on the Our Place website. It’s a great example of child led play and an urban play setting in Glasgow.

10thMay 2022

Forest School Job Opportunity, Morayshire

The Forest School Association have shared news that Earthtime For All Ltd, Duffs, Elgin are looking to appoint an Earthtime Lead Officer. The closing date is 20th May 2022. Link for more information and how to apply.