5thJanuary 2023

Early Childhood Nature Connections Toolkit

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Many cities are eager to find ways to bring nature’s benefits to young children where they live, play and learn. The Children and Nature Network share some valuable resources exploring Early Childhood Nature Connection Pathways through this online Early Childhood Nature Connections Toolkit. The four main pathways that cities can [...]

26thJuly 2022

EEF’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit

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The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) launched their updated Teaching and Learning Toolkit September 2021. Its aims are to provide an accessible summary of education evidence. This version features new sections on implementation and disadvantage, and explores the nuance behind average impact measures. The only ‘outdoor’ intervention covered is outdoor adventure [...]

1stJune 2022

Nature helps children recover from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

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‘Time in nature can be a powerful antidote to the negative impacts of trauma and stress in children’s lives.’ The Children & Nature Network share evidence-based resources in this toolkit.  Some great infographics show nature as a pathway for healing, the social and emotional benefits, plus research study references. This [...]