3rdNovember 2022

Young people’s mental health bolstered by nature projects, report says

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This Guardian article (20 October 2022) reports on the Our Bright Future scheme, which improved 3,000 community spaces. Participants noted a confidence and wellbeing boost. Young people's skills were also improved. The Our Bright Future programme led to almost 9,000 young people gaining qualifications and 1,600 getting work experience.

12thJanuary 2022

A Highland haven

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The John Muir Trust’s latest Wild Inside (Issue 47) newsletter shares Mark Piasecki's Haven. This short but powerful film highlights how the Scottish Highlands helped his mental health journey. Check out the John Muir Trust’s Wild and Well campaign which celebrates the invaluable connection between wild places and people's health.

7thDecember 2021

Low childhood nature exposure is associated with worse mental health in adulthood

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This research study, by Miriam Preuβ et al (2019), in four European cities, showed that adults with low levels of childhood exposure to natural outdoor environments had significantly worse mental health when compared to adults with high levels of childhood exposure to natural outdoor environments.

30thSeptember 2021

Just how much time outdoors in nature is enough?

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Teachers know that outdoor learning benefits their pupils. This research paper presents the results from two studies. The authors (DJ Harvey, LN Montgomery, R White) show how a one-off activity boosts children’s mood and biodiversity knowledge; and an hour a week can also improve their mental wellbeing.