1stJune 2023

The Circular Economy – a lesson

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This one hour lesson by the Economist gives a useful introduction to the idea of circular economies and why they’re important for sustainability. This is a secondary level resource. You need to create an account or log in to access this resources. A ‘circular economy’ is one in which products continue [...]

1stJune 2023

World Environment Day 5 June 2023 – how is your learning for sustainability practice?

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Education Scotland is encouraging educators to mark World Environment Day by taking a look at their Learning for Sustainability self-evaluation framework. Closely aligned to 'How Good is Our School 4', it is designed to help schools look inwards, outwards and forwards - a key approach to self-evaluation. It focuses on [...]

4thMay 2023

An Actor, an Economist and The Answer to Everything

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Partha Dasgupta is a Cambridge University economist who in 2021 prepared a more than 600-page report for the British government about the financial value of nature. The New York Times has published an opinion video to make these important ideas more accessible and fun. More suitable for older pupils and [...]

10thMay 2022

CE Biodiversity Education Projects Featured in New Video

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This new video highlights the RCE Biodiversity Education Projects conducted during the Global Action Programme on ESD, from 2015-2019. It puts a spotlight on the range of innovative projects focused on biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration from the Global RCE Network. Shared by LfS Scotland in their May 2022 news [...]