30thAugust 2022

Two Basking Fish of the West Highland summer

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In this Scotland’s Nature blog post (August 29, 2022) Roddy Maclean shares his enthusiasm for two amazing summer visitors to our waters. He explores the gaelic names of both of these gentle giants of the sea – the basking shark and the sunfish. This post is also available in Gaelic.

15thJune 2022

A’ Ghàidhlig aig NàdarAlba / Gaelic within NatureScot

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NatureScot has brought together some lovely Gaelic resources on one webpage. This showcases the enduring bond between Scotland's nature and Gaelic, with the language providing a unique insight and understanding of the world around us. This is a great resource to support learning around the Gaelic language, nature, Scotland’s places [...]

10thMay 2022

Bird and flower of the Beltane

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The marsh marigold and the whimbrel have Gaelic names with links to this time of the Beltane.  This post in Scotland’s Nature (3 May 2022) describes how both species provide a reminder of the close links between Gaelic culture and the Scottish seasons. This post is also available in Gaelic.

13thApril 2022

Wallabies to damselflies: Scotland’s newest animals get Gaelic names

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This article in The Guardian (2 April 2022) describes how species moving north into Scotland as our climate heats, along with more recent introductions, have been given Gaelic names.  For example, the leathery sea squirt is now spùtachan-mara leatharach, for leathery little squirting creature of the sea!