30thAugust 2022

The barriers to new entrants interested in agroecological farming and landwork careers

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A new report has been announced (19 August 2022) on ‘The Attraction of Agroecology and the barriers faced by new entrants pursuing agroecological farming and landwork’. The recommendations include the need to build skills and knowledge by incorporating agroecological farming and food production into school curriculums and careers advice.

1stJune 2022

Food For Thought Fund – 2022-23 – Applications Close 22nd June!

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The Food for Thought Education Fund gives financial support to develop Food and Health as a context for learning. The fund aims to improve practitioner confidence in providing progressive, high quality, skills based learning experiences which help to embed food education into the ethos of the establishment. It also provides [...]

30thSeptember 2021

Gaelic farming culture, past and future – audio episode

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In this ‘Farmerama’ radio episode about Gaelic culture in the Highlands of Scotland, a farmer’s son, Col Gordon, learns about the pre-colonial attitudes of the Gaels towards the land. He discovers that people belong to the land, not the other way around.  Col explores how we can find a way [...]