8thSeptember 2022

High Quality Outdoor Learning: Evidence-based Education outside the Classroom for Children, Teachers and Society

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SILVIVA, the Swiss Foundation for Nature-based Education, together with the University of Education Heidelberg and more than 30 international experts, have published a new anthology. This brings together the most important research results and arguments why "outdoor learning" must be a central element of a viable education for the 21th [...]

26thJuly 2022

EEF’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit

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The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) launched their updated Teaching and Learning Toolkit September 2021. Its aims are to provide an accessible summary of education evidence. This version features new sections on implementation and disadvantage, and explores the nuance behind average impact measures. The only ‘outdoor’ intervention covered is outdoor adventure [...]

30thJune 2022

Benefits of learning outdoors

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What do you think are the key benefits of taking learning outdoors? In this new blog post, Learning through Landscapes have picked out five of the core ways that they believe learning outdoors improves educational outcomes for all.