30thMay 2023

The secret world of moss

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This article in The Conversation (26 May 2023), explores this ancient ancestor of all plants and its vital role in the health of our planet. Discover how mosses are drivers of critical ecosystem services, and have amazing adaptations and an ancient history. Plus, see what a ‘Moss-Piglet’ looks like!

9thAugust 2022

Urban trees and ecosystem services – useful resources

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Are you a secondary school or tertiary student researching trees in and around your setting grounds? You might be interested to see this research survey information from i-Tree Eco. This includes i-Tree Eco Edinburgh and i-Tree Eco Glasgow. Discover more about the ecosystem services provided by urban trees. Find more [...]

10thMay 2022

CE Biodiversity Education Projects Featured in New Video

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This new video highlights the RCE Biodiversity Education Projects conducted during the Global Action Programme on ESD, from 2015-2019. It puts a spotlight on the range of innovative projects focused on biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration from the Global RCE Network. Shared by LfS Scotland in their May 2022 news [...]

9thNovember 2021

Scotland’s coral reefs at COP26

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This article in the Conversation (5 November, 2021) shares the COP26 spotlight on our cold water reefs. It describes how these special habitats are vulnerable to changing ocean temperatures, currents and greenhouse gases arising from climate change.