This survey ran from 25 September to 13 November 2023, with 432 responses from 26 local authorities across Scotland.

Key findings:

  1. Prioritising Sustainability: Almost 90% of respondents expressed that the environment and sustainability are important or very important to them.
  2. Awareness at School: Two-thirds (65%) of parents and carers are aware that their child learns about the environment and sustainability at school.
  3. Communication Gap: However, less than half (45%) stated that the school shares information about their child’s environmental education, and 64% expressed interest in more information on school eco-projects. Additionally, 53% are eager for more chances to actively participate in school community eco projects, including those run by the Parent Council.
  4. Outdoor Learning: Almost 80% recognised that their school provides their child with outdoor learning opportunities, with 47% expressing a strong desire for more such opportunities – showing how popular outdoor learning is.
  5. Green Flag Award: Half of parents (51%) are unaware of the Eco-Schools Scotland Green Flag Award scheme, and an even larger majority (78%) don’t know if their school has a green flag.
  6. Popular Eco Projects: Notable school eco projects include school uniform exchanges, active travel to school groups, eco fairs, and seed & plant swaps, with parent groups a major driving force behind many of the projects.
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