This Natural England report (Dillon, Justin; Lovell, Becca, 2022) explores evidence on the impacts of learning in natural environments on learning processes and outcomes, and on health outcomes. It outlines the background to the briefing, indicating that it updates the original evidence briefing provided by Natural England in 2016 – see Ref. B45956.

The report presents key points from the review of evidence looking at the:

  • impact of learning in the natural environment on educational, social and developmental outcomes;
  • impact of natural spaces in or around the learning environment on learning and associated outcomes;
  • impact of use of natural environments for learning on inequalities, socio-demographic, gender and other factors;
  • cost-effectiveness of learning in natural environments’ and the impacts of learning in and around natural environments on health outcomes.

The report describes the strengths and limitations of the evidence base, and considers the implications for policy, service delivery and future research.

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