Winter solutions – when insects develop their own antifreeze!


This blog post from Scottish Pollinators (Nov 28 2019) describes the amazing strategies developed by insects to help them cope with the cold. 

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OWL Scotland Bulletin November/December 2019

Resources Training Events

Check out the latest bulletin with lots of updates from around the country with opportunities for training and events, plus winter craft and outdoor recipe ideas.

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UK Planning systems neglect the provision of outdoor spaces for children


This Children & Nature Network news item (November 29, 2019) highlights research released by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) which reveals that the past 50 years have seen a ‘drastic reduction’ in the use of outdoor spaces by children. However, the article does suggest there are ‘pockets…

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Life Below Water


A new resource from Connecting Classrooms for learning about conserving life in the oceans and seas, and addressing plastic pollution. Link this with taking your learning outdoors to your nearest water body.

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Vegetable patch to Offsted registration in 4 months!


This story of setting up an outdoor nursery in Early Childhood Outdoors comes from south of the border, but similar stories are developing in Scotland as well.

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