SILVIVA, the Swiss Foundation for Nature-based Education, together with the University of Education Heidelberg and more than 30 international experts, have published a new anthology. This brings together the most important research results and arguments why “outdoor learning” must be a central element of a viable education for the 21th century.

It is intended for those who want a deeper understanding of outdoor learning. This includes education policy professionals as well as teacher training colleges, teachers, and professional trainers.

This publication aims to show how learning in the real world outside the classroom helps to nurture and unfold learners’ potentials as much as possible. It demonstrates the multiple benefits of outdoor learning for cognitive understanding, social skills, personal and emotional development, psychological well-being, and physical activity and health.

The book is available as hard- or softcover. The ebook version is Open Access, i.e. it can be read and downloaded online here free of charge.

This has been shared by Dr. Rolf Jucker, Director SILVIVA.

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