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13thOctober 2021

A hundred days of hope

This article in The Herald shares how ‘a nature-rich’ future is vital for the planet’. Francesca Osowska, Chief Executive of NatureScot, outlines how this is being tackled. Young people are at the heart of this approach.

13thOctober 2021

Personifying trees through Twitter – the Witness Trees

Read this article in The Conversation (11 October 2021) To save forests, researchers are hooking trees up to Twitter’.  It describes the Witness Tree project.  This research helps us understand how trees are affected by environmental change, through individual tree stories.

13thOctober 2021

Scotland’s new arrivals – in Gaelic

Giving Gaelic names to some of Scotland’s newly arrived nature is at the heart of a unique partnership project, supported by NatureScot and Bòrd na Gàidhlig. Read more in this post From The Bird’s Mouth in Scotland’s Nature blog.

13thOctober 2021

Hazardous neighbours

This post in scottishpollinators (7 October 2021) explores the fascinating world of viruses within honeybee colonies. There are also potential impacts on other pollinators.

13thOctober 2021

Climate crisis: what can trees really do for us?

This article in the Conversation (12 October 2021) describes research which exposed trees to enriched CO2 air to replicate possible future conditions under climate change. It discusses the findings, the role of forests in carbon accounting, and the pros and cons of reforestation campaigns.