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25thAugust 2021

Early career tips from young NatureScot staff

How do you get started with a career in the environmental sector? In these videos, young NatureScot staff share their experiences and tips. NatureScot staff also share information about their jobs in this video .

24thAugust 2021

Glasgow Primary schools resources for Glasgow Children’s Woodland

Visit The Lost Woods hub on the Glasgow Science Centre website. Discover lots of great resources for Glasgow’s schools involved in the planned new Glasgow Children’s Woodland. Explore the free teaching resources, lesson and assembly plans to bring nature and the COP26 experience into your learning and teaching.

19thAugust 2021

Leaping dolphins, or leumadair

This post in Scotland’s Nature (19 August 2021) also in Gaelic, shares information on the various species of dolphin which live around our Scottish coast - including the impressive Orca, or ‘Sea-wolf’!

19thAugust 2021

12 ways to teach sustainability in chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry share activities, ideas and curriculum-linked resources developed by teachers and based on the UN's sustainable development goals. Outdoor learning in the real word context can add value to these activities.

19thAugust 2021

An upland landscape transformed – an animation

The John Muir Trust’s Wild Inside Issue 42 shares a video from Rewilding Britain. This new animation imagines how an upland landscape can be transformed. Why not debate and discuss this with pupils studying environmental science and geography. Outdoor field work can also bring these issues to life.